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I am always looking for the next best place (or a great new site in a familiar place!), and I love having fellow travel-lovers go along on the journey.  Sure, I push for solo traveling a lot, but then I get together with a great group of travel-lovers and remember how awesome it is to share in the fun, education and beauty of travel. Right now, ITB Travels! typically closes our group trips at 16 travelers in order to allow for us to provide the group with the attention to detail that will make the trip as enjoyable, and as memorable as possible.

Do you have a group of at least 6 travelers, and need a travel planner and group leader?   We can plan a specialized trip to Mexico, Central America, South America or Cuba for your group, from beginning to end, and will send along a guide to be with you along the way.  So, you just sit back and enjoy!

Below is a running list of our upcoming group trips.  Don't see that special place on our list?  No worries!  Let us know and can work on adding it to our list this year.

We plan and book independent trips, too!  For travel ideas, quotes, and monthly specials, please contact us at Ingrid{at}itbtravels{dot}{com}.

Upcoming Group Trips 2017

February ~ Cartagena, Colombia ~ Sold Out!

May ~ Havana/Vinales/Varadero, Cuba ~ 4 spots available

June ~ Havana/Vinales/Trinidad/Varadero, Cuba ~ 5 spots available

July ~ Bogota/Armenia/Cartagenia, Colombia ~ 10 spots available






Cave Trekking!

Island Hopping!

Trip-Saver Tip of the Week

Make photocopies of your passport!

Safety pin a copy of your passport in the pocket of you carry-on bag, in your handbag or wallet, and in the pocket of the coat/jacket that you are traveling with.  A few years ago, after wrapping up a trip to London, Paris and Rome, I lost my passport on my way back home to Washington, DC.   I had it with me as I boarded the plane in Rome, but when I reached for it before making my connection in Paris, it was gone!  I'd followed the advice of my mum, and had at least 2 photocopies on me.  I went to some "passport room", explained to them what happened, and within a matter of minutes, I was on my way to board my flight to D.C.  

Upon my arrival to Washington/Dulles airport 7  hours later, after looking at my photocopy and checking the system, the customs agent said "I see you lost your passport in Paris.  Welcome home!"  I have carried copies ever since.

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