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If you enjoy traveling, reading about travel, and/or chatting with like-minded travelers, TravelingWrite’s Blog is the place for you! My name is Ingrid Theresa and I started a travel blog in 2012.  My dedication to travel falls in line with my decision to stop putting off my desire to leave my 9-5 desk job behind and travel as much as possible. I’ve had the travel bug since the mid-late nineties. I remember wanting to visit every country on the map! Back then, I could only travel when I took my annual, one week vacation.

I became an independent travel planner/agent about five years ago.  I’d spent years planning and booking travel for family, friends and friends of friends for free.  I left a corporate sales position,  whrere I was exceeding sales goals and winning incentive trip after incentive trip. That was fun, but I wanted more!

I wanted to travel the world, talk about it (mostly through my travel blog), plan and book memorable vacations,  and exciting, stress-free group and solo trips. I also enjoy the sometimes tedious, sometimes fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants preparations, the busy airports, train stations and cruise ports, cocktails in transit, manuvering my way around new cities, the excitement of trying new foods, and meeting new people.


An Amazing 5 Nights In Cuba

An Amazing 5 Nights In Cuba

 I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it many, many more times.  It takes a special traveler to visit, appreciate and enjoy Cuba right now.  So many Americans are chomping at the bits to visit the “forbidden” island these

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